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A Little...Cello Bag

This is so cute and was fun to make.  Don't you like how the cello bag looks with a handle?  It's a fun little addition and makes it easy to carry. There are so many sizes of cello bags, and boxes can be made any size, so imagine the possibilities.

Hand Sanitizer Gift Set

I love how paper and embellishments can turn an everyday product into an exquisite little gift.   It's only hand sanitizer... but with it's little matching bag it's something to get excited about.  Or... am I the only one who who gets this excited? :)

May Your Layers, Card

I guess I was in the mood for scallops when I made this card.  I just noticed how many there are. :)  I'm trying to come up with more card ideas, but they just don't come as easy as the 3D projects do.

Thankful For, Stamp Case

There are many things to be thankful for, so why not write them down and remind yourself of them daily.  For me... a cute little notebook is all the inspiration I need. :)

Wedding Favor

These colors are stunning together.  Ribbon can make all the difference on a project and I am obsessed with ribbon.  I lost count of how many rolls I have. :)

Camping Treat

In our house we've decided we like smores so much, we make them in the microwave.  Who wants to wait until you camp to have them?  If you do, you can make one of these little acetate boxes using the fancy favor die cut and take them with you. :)

Paper Strawberries

Look what I made with bigz clear, flower die cut!!!  Can you believe you can make a strawberry out of a flower?  I simply took two side by side petals and glued one over the top of the other. Then I took the opposite facing petals and folded them up so they barely touch one another.  With a little bit of ribbon and the five petal flower punch as the top, you have yourself a strawberry.

Happy Bird-day Card

I was recently flipping through a catalog or magazine, I can't remember which, and saw full size clothes pins with little wooden birds attached to them.  I thought it was an adorable idea for anyone who uses them to hang their clothes on a clothes line.  Of course I immediately thought of an idea for a card.  Don't you think butterflies would be just as cute?

4th of July Candy Wrapper

I always see the funnest stamps and ideas for the 4th of July. I don't usually make anything for this holiday because there is always so much going on this time of year, which leaves no time for stamping.  I wanted to try a little something, so I made this treat using the Stampin' Up! candy wrapper die cut.  With one end folded flat it reminds me of a firecracker, which is perfect for the 4th.