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Petal Card Blue Tote

I'm so sad they are discontinuing the Petal Card, bigz die.  I used two of them to make this little tote. I glued 3 sides of each petal card together and left the fourth side of each one up, for the handle.  The flower off to the side was my version of a flower I saw in Stampin Success.  It didn't come out nearly as nice as the version I saw.  I'm just happy it resembles a flower. :)  To make it, I took two 1" strips of 12" paper and punched down the edge of each one with the eyelet border.  I put them through the crimper and wrapped them one at a time onto sticky paper.  When I finished, some of the white sticky paper was showing through so I sprinkled blue glitter to cover it.   Not so sure I'd try this flower again... :)  I did try the tote again, you'll see it soon.