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Birthday Bear Box

Wouldn't this make the cutest party favor?  It looks like the  bear is protecting his little package of gummy bears. :)  I think the kids would love to take one of these home after the party.  Look closely at the little sign hanging around the bears neck. I wanted it to look like it was a piece of wood.  Sadly, the photos don't always show the detail we wish they would...  In the new summer mini catalog is a set called, "Sweet Scoops."  I used the square stamp from this set to create the "wood" look.  When I first received this catalog and was browsing through it I wasn't sure what this stamp was used for because to me it looked like wood grain, I know... wood grain in an icecream set, Duh!  :)  However... my crazy thought allowed me to use it as wood grain on this project.  Don't you just love the power of creative thinking?  :)