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Triangle Box

I was looking through a magazine and saw a scrapbook page made with these colors.  I've never tried putting these colors together, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Love it...  Who would think light blue, red and pink?

Bunny Friends, Scrapbook Page

This is one of my favorite photos of my girls.  They're teenagers now so they don't want me posting any current photos (it's embarassing.)  Our bunny is much bigger now but when my husband brought her home as a surprise, the girls where so happy.  I love the sweet little hugs and kisses they are giving her.  It's so easy to create a page using black and white photos because you can use any color of scrapbook paper and this page was definitely easy.  Just the way I like scrapbooking, because I get more pages completed.  Sadly, I haven't scrapbooked in a long time :(

Chalkboard Treats Canister

I love these chalkboard decor elements.  My only problem... I didn't have any chalk, so I put stickers on it instead.  The chalkboard idea is great because you can erase it each time and label it again for the new contents.  I'd love to write the name of the specific treat inside but I'm sure I'd be writing and erasing way to often because treats just don't last... :)

Peacock Thank You Card

Just a little thank you card I put in my Stampin, Up! orders.  Thanks Ladies!

Ice Cream, You Scream

Ice cream, you scream we all scream for ice cream!  When I saw this set in the Summer Mini Catalog I had to have it.  It's the cutest and we love ice cream at my house.  Isn't this a "yummy idea?" :) Enjoy!

Crayon Boxes

I purchased this die cut at the Scrapbook Expo a couple of months ago.  The die cut looked like a crayon box to me, but I was thinking it would be fun to make a little scrapbook project with it.  A deck of playing cards to be exact, with a family photo on each one.  Wouldn't it be fun to play with a deck of cards that had family photos on them?  How about "Go Fish?"  Player one,"do you have Grandpa holding the big fish he caught at the lake?"  Player two,"Go Fish."  I'm re-thinking "Old Maid."  LOL

Acrylic Mint Box

Don't throw anything away. Wait, scratch that... if you didn't you'd become a hoarder. :) Just don't throw away the containers the new Stampin' Up!, acrylic clear-mount blocks come in.  I used one to create this project.  You can use the paper it already has in it as the template for the background papers of your choice.  My little box is filled with mints but think of all the fun things you could fill it with.  You have to try this idea you'll love it!

Mother's Day Gift

Happy Mother's Day!  This was a fun and simple set to make.  I had to put the fancy favor box in the square lattice embossing folder twice so it would be embossed all the way around.  This embossing folder really breaks down the consistency of the paper but after the project sits for a while it becomes strong again.  The pattern adds so much to the project that you won't need to add many embellishments.  Hope she likes it... ;)

Mother's Day Card

Simple and Sweet... pretty much sums up this card.  There isn't a whole lot going on here, but I think, it has a hint of elegance.  What do you think?

Birthday Bear Box

Wouldn't this make the cutest party favor?  It looks like the  bear is protecting his little package of gummy bears. :)  I think the kids would love to take one of these home after the party.  Look closely at the little sign hanging around the bears neck. I wanted it to look like it was a piece of wood.  Sadly, the photos don't always show the detail we wish they would...  In the new summer mini catalog is a set called, "Sweet Scoops."  I used the square stamp from this set to create the "wood" look.  When I first received this catalog and was browsing through it I wasn't sure what this stamp was used for because to me it looked like wood grain, I know... wood grain in an icecream set, Duh!  :)  However... my crazy thought allowed me to use it as wood grain on this project.  Don't you just love the power of creative thinking?  :)