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Happy New Year Card

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Mini Envelope Card Holder

This little folder holds a small gift card in each Stampin' Up!, mini 3 1/8 x 3 1/8 envelope.  It's fun to make and fun to give because everyone needs a gift card to put with their gift.

Santa Christmas Card

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas Greeting Boxes

I filled these little boxes with candy and I'm giving them to my co-workers.  I know some people stress out when they have to do projects like this, but for me it's relaxing.  However, about a dozen of the same project is OK, after that it becomes repetitive and I don't find that enjoyable at all. :)

Scalloped Envelope Gift Card Holder

Gift cards are popular this time of year so, we need to have fun and creative ways of packaging them. I used the Stampin' Up! bigz die, scallop envelope, to create this gift card holder.  Two glued together is just the right size for a card.

Santa Treat Pouch

This is a fun little gift pouch.  You can make the opening any size you'd like to fit other treats or even a gift card.  Don't you think the Santa stamp is the cutest???

December 25 Snowflake Card

This is the perfect time of year to use a smooch spritz.  It gives your project a delicate Christmas sparkle.   I used the vanilla shimmer on my card but, I can't wait to try the other colors.

Merry Gift Sack

One of my new favorite places to get ideas is... youtube.  This is one of those ideas.  It's made by cutting a white lunch sack in half and sealing it up just right to make a small thin gift sack.Love this idea!

Noel Scrapbook Page

If you're like me, you probably have lots of photos of the holiday season.  The problem is... I don't have lots of time.  However, I try to make my scrapbook pages as simple as possible because I feel the focus should be on the photo and journaling.

Merry Glassine Envelope

If you don't have the candy you need to fill your project you may have a stamp that looks like it.  LOL   I'll be sure to fill it with the real stuff when I give it away. :)

Rudolph Treat Box

Rudolph with your nose so bright... Another fun way to use the Stampin' Up! owl punch.  I made the antlers with the large snowflake die cut.  Once again, my favorites... die cuts and punches!

Snowman Tic Tacs

It doesn't take much to cover a container of tic tacs and it makes a sweet litle gift.  I like having his little belly cut  out so you can see what's inside.

Thanksgiving Place Card Box

A place card box.  Just imagine all the wonderful things you can put inside.  I wish it could hold all the special memories we'll create tomorrow.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful For Journal

This is the time of year we're most thankful.  I created a journal to write down the MANY things I'm thankful for and there are many.  I hope you have lots as well.  Thank you for visiting my blog. :)

Thanksgiving Candy Wrapper

You won't find candy in this wrapper.  This holds a small note with a kind thought or blessing written on it.  You can put one on each place setting at your Thanksgiving table.  Hmmm... maybe a little after dinner mint with the note would be nice. :)

Thanksgiving Card

Thanksgiving is another holiday I don't make cards for and yet, I have so many nice stamps I could use.

Pilgram Hat

I made a few modifications to the triangle box pattern and came up with this pilgrim hat. It can hold a treat or small gift.Fun Thanksgiving idea, don't you think?

Small Wonder Card

I can't decide what to use this card for.  With the pink and white, possibly... baby girl.  Oh well, sometimes we make cards just because they're fun to make! :)

Life Is A Matter Of Moments Card

This card has a book mark attached as a small gift.  Two homemade gifts in one.  Love that idea.... :)

Frankenstein Tote

This is another project from my Halloween class.

Wicked Tote

I've made this before, this time for Halloween. :) It's made with the petal card die cut.  The thing about this tote is the handle can be made with several different styles of punches and the tote can be decorated for any holiday or occasion.I love the versatility.

Bat Box Bag

This fun little treat holder is made with a box as the base of the bag.  It's great for holding heavier items. This is one of those projects that is way to cute to keep and must be shared.  I've already filled it and given it. :)

Spooky Box

This is one of those stamp sets I wasn't sure I wanted.  Now I find myself using it the most.  However, I loved the spider web embossing folder as soon as I saw it. :)

Eat, Drink & Be Scary Card

Here's another Halloween card.  I actually gave this away as a thank you card.

Triangle Box Witch Hat

Are you a good witch or a bad witch?  To create these witch hats I simply attached triangle boxes to an oval cut out of black paper.  These can be made in so many sizes depending on the size you make your triange box.  The small one only holds 2 or 3 hershey kisses, so it should be given to a "little" witch.  :)

Ghost Suckers

Someone was clever enough to turn the owl punch upside down and call it a ghost. Not me of course, but I loved the idea so I copied.  However, I don't think theirs was a girl ghost.  If you look closely mine has a bow in her hair.  I used the feet for a hair bow. :) Scraps, what scraps??

Spooky Card

Here's a Halloween card I'm going to give as a "thank you" card.  I've decided Halloween cards don't just have to be used for wishing others a "Happy Halloween." :)

Coffin Treat Box

Last night was my Halloween class and this is one of the projects they made. The fun thing about this box is it doesn't have a opens from the top.  You simply pour the treat into your hand. :)This is one of my favorites!

Halloween Purse

This year at the Scrapbook Expo I purchased the die cut I used to make this purse.  It seemed harmless :) little did I know.  It needed to be cut twice and had the most odd looking pieces.  It took a while to put together.  Maybe a little to much work... I don't know.  I did add the little side pieces to the bottom and the closure.  It's kinda small and doesn't hold much. I'm not excited to try it again soon but someday... maybe next time I won't add the extras.  Not everything is what we expect, but it's a great way to learn. :)

Halloween Decor

So, my favorite Halloween card turned into my favorite home decor item. :)  This was originally a card and I decided it was nice enough to put in a frame and make it Halloween decor.  Why not, right?  LOL

Trick Or Treat Candy Holder

This fun little Halloween package is perfect for holding a roll of lifesavers.

Fright Night Card

I don't know about you but, I've never given a Halloween card.  But, I  made a few this year that I think are super cute and this is one of them.  I may have to start giving them just because I like making them. :)

Wicked Broom

This wasn't the easiest to make... at least not the way I did it.  After I cut the bag into strips and carefully placed a second paper bag on the inside... the tricky part, tying  the ribbon onto it.  Not to mention holding the stick while doing this. :)  You may want to recruit a second set of hands.  For the broomstick, I cut a piece of our grapevine, it works great and we happen to have an abundance of it.   I tried a clear cello bag for the inside but didn't like the look and it didn't have the stability I wanted. Here's a thought... I have to untie it to fill it before I can give it away. UGH!

Together 6 X 6 Scrapbook Page

Another project we made at my managers Stampin' Up! meeting.

Paper Pumpkin

Happy Fall!  I can't believe it's already here.  It's my favorite season, except for the fact that it's followed by winter.  I love to decorate for fall, the colors are my favorite.  There is nothing more beautiful than the mountains and the many scenic drives through them.  The fall foliage is unbelievable. I'm blessed to live near them.

Purse Class

Remember I said I wanted to do a class for this project, well... it's tonight.  I did make a few changes.  I added a wallet, changed the card to a tag card and used different patterned paper.  There are so many fun things you can make to put in this purse!  I'm excited for this class. :)

My Friend Card

I made this card last month at my Stampin' Up!, group meeting.  My manager always does a great job designing cards for us to make-n-take.

Birthday Tag Tote

This tag was made after seeing a card in Stampin' Success.  I like the way they did the layers on the cake with the colored paper.  I often forget about basic stamping techniques until I'm reminded of them and this is one of those techniques. It's simple but gives a bold look.

Yellow Purse Gift Set

This is another version of my purse.  This time I added a few accessories every girl needs for her purse. :)  I'm having lots of fun with this project.

Wicked Halloween Pouch

So, I'm sneeking in another Halloween project because I soooo enjoy making them, and it's September, one month closer. :) I realize blue isn't quite a Halloween color but that's OK, why be traditional? :)

Journey Matchbox

Here is another project we made at my stamp class last Friday.It's a great little box to hold a small collection you might have from your journeys.

Sunflower Card

Last night I had a stamp class and this is one of the projects we made.  It reminds me of the sunflowers we are growing in our garden that I thought were weeds.  We grew sunflowers last year and this year in the same spot were, what I thought, weeds.  They were growing as fast as weeds. :)  My husband tried to tell me the seeds fell from last year and were growing sunflowers again.  I didn't believe him and kept insisting they were weeds and I wanted to pull them out.  We'll look at them now... They are sunflowers... he was right, but don't tell him I said that. :)

Blue Polka Dot Purse

I'm seeing so many types of adorable purses on websites and blogs.  So, what a great challenge... I had to try making one.  It took a lot of drawings and wasted paper but, I came up with a design I liked.  I'm still experimenting with different types of pattern paper and embellishments so I'll be posting more in days to come.  It does have a small pouch on the inside to hold three or four, 4 x 4 gift cards. I'm definitely going to have a class on how to make this purse because it's too fun and cute not to share with others. :)

Grateful Cards

Don't you love the textured embossing folders?  They add so much to any project and are easy to use.  These cards are for the ladies that placed a Stampin' Up! order with me.  I'm "grateful" for their orders and I'm sure they're "grateful" for the fun things they purchased. :)

Laugh, Post-It-Note Keyring

I wanted to create a key ring for a class I'm going to have in a couple of weeks but didn't have the size of post-it-notes I wanted to use, I only had these long thin ones.  I needed to try the keyring idea before I could offer a class so, I played around with it and this is what I came up with.  Of course, this isn't what we'll be making in the class because I now have the right size of post-it-notes.  :)

Halloween Fry Box

Halloween...I know it's only August but I love making Halloween projects. Besides,  I've seen lots of Christmas cards showing up on other blogs so I thought, hmmm... Halloween is before Christmas, it's OK.  LOL  These stamps are from the new Stampin' Up!, holiday mini catalog, which I love.  I'll try my hardest not to post other Halloween projects before October, but no promises :)

Thanks a Million Card

This is my second attempt at this card.  I wasn't quite happy with the first one.  Isn't that how it usually is?  Well maybe not usually, but often.  I don't visualize my projects before I make them I just wing it.  I pick a stamp, color, or design and go from there.  Works for me.... :)