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Bunny Box

Isn't this bunny the sweetest!  It was lots of work but the end result was well worth it.  I used the large oval, small heart and several circle punches for the face and feet.  For the ears I used the build a flower set #2 sizzlits die 4-pack.  Which is on the Stampin' Up clearance rack.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to give this little cutie away. :)

Matter of Moments Box

How cool is this... It's another great idea I learned on youtube.  If I remember right, it's under, top note box.   Of course there are so many things you can put inside, but I think it would make an adorable jewelry box for a little girl.

Petal Cone Carrot

Once again, the petal cone die cut.  I cut the top piece off, folded it in half and added a couple pieces of striped grosgrain ribbon. You know me... it has to be fillable, so it has an opening on top.  However, this project is a little more elegant than most of my other projects, so I'm struggling with what to put inside.  But, I will definitely keep looking until I find the perfect little something. :)

Scallop Envelope Easter Basket

This cute little basket is made with two scallop envelope die cuts and a 2" piece of paper for each side.  The handle is made with the perfect setting die cut. It's very easy to assemble and so much fun to decorate and fill.

Pot O' Gold

My friend and I both saw this adorable project online and wanted to give it a try. We each brought different pieces of it and after our card group last week we put it together.  Isn't it the cutest?  Our many thanks go to Lisa Young for sharing her sweet pattern.  We added the gold filler paper once we decided it needed a little something and we're so glad we did.  Our smiling faces said it all.  I'm so fortunate to have the dearest friend who gets as excited as I do over these fun little projects!

Shamrock Petal Cone

I can't get enough of this petal cone. :)  This was the project I designed for my card group last night. This cone only has 3 sides.  I cut one side off just to change it up a bit.  There are so many fun ways to use the petal cone. It's a must have!

Chocolate Pillow Box

You know... I use to love chocolate, but not so much any more. Well let me clarify, I'm referring to milk chocolate.   I looove dark chocolate, which is great because all the studies are saying it's better for you than milk chocolate.  But they always follow it by saying, "in moderation."  So I put a moderate amount of chocolate in this pillow box. :)  The little pink pieces to the sides of the saying are the tops of the cupcake from the build a cupcake punch.  The punch I thought I could probably do without because I have the sizzlits, big bold cupcakes dies.  And yet, I now have it.  My willpower with punches resembles my willpower with dark chocolate, "none." :)

Shamrock Box

You know me... I love when you can see through the package.  This box is no exception, especially when there are Girl Scout cookies inside!  The small flower on the front is used as a handle to lift the clear top so you can get to those yummy cookies.  I used a used a couple of small magnets behind the flower to keep it securely fastened.

Be Happy Card

Lots of fun flowers on this card.  It's sweet and simple. Now if we could get fun flowers to start growing in our gardens instead of all this snow, everything would be sweet and simple. :)