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St.Patrick's Takeout Box

Here is my version of the takeout box made with the petal cone die.  Isn't it the cutest?  I wouldn't have thought to turn a petal cone into a takeout box, but I'm glad someone did.  It's always great when there are several ways to use your die cuts.  Doesn't it make you happy you have it when you see all the fun things made with it?

Bookmark Card

Well this card looks a little crazy, but the light colored paper made it hard to get the view I needed. The vertical folds you see in the card are perforated lines.  Once the recipient reads the card they can tear away the sides and they're left with a keepsake bookmark.  Now it serves a dual purpose, a card and a gift. :)

Butterfly Bag

Anytime I give a gift, the one comment I always receive is, "it's so cute, if I open it I'll ruin it."  Well I solved that problem (at least with this bag.) :)  The top slides off to reveal the gift inside.  No untieing...  It uses two Stampin' Up!, fancy favor bags.  One as the bag and the other as the cover.  To create the cover, you put the bag together as normal except you cut off the four pieces that normally fold together to create the bottom of the bag. It should resemble a sleeve.  For a little extra touch, make sure to slide it over the bottom bag upside down so you get the fancy little edging along the bottom.

Pinwheel Card

The colors say Fall, the pinwheel says Spring and outside it's a cold Winter day.  Now, if Summer would just get here. LOL :) This card originally started out as something totally different until I made the pinwheel and realized it worked perfectly on this card.  That happens every now and then.  I'll have scraps laying around and notice how cute some of them look together, then next thing you know I have an unexpected project.

Love Notes

This project only took a small piece of paper, a couple of folds, scraps of ribbon, two quick punches and one sweet little stamp.Presto... Love Notes! :)

Floral Petal Cone

Have you tried Stampin' Up's! petal cone die cut?  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it.   I have so many ideas for this petal cone.  I've seen others turn it into a box that looks like a takeout box, so I tried it and I love it! :)  I've already created something for Easter.  I know I'm jumping way ahead, but I can't help myself!  You'll definitely see more of this petal cone in future projects.

Be My Valentine Card

So why not have the gift card, hold a Valentine treat?  I used just one piece of the Stampin' Up!, baskets and blooms, bigz die on this card.  This die cut is normally used to make an adorable little basket, but just like stamps, there are many creative ways to use them.

Heart Pretzel

Anything dipped in chocolate is begging to be turned into a Valentine gift. :)