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Wicked Broom

This wasn't the easiest to make... at least not the way I did it.  After I cut the bag into strips and carefully placed a second paper bag on the inside... the tricky part, tying  the ribbon onto it.  Not to mention holding the stick while doing this. :)  You may want to recruit a second set of hands.  For the broomstick, I cut a piece of our grapevine, it works great and we happen to have an abundance of it.   I tried a clear cello bag for the inside but didn't like the look and it didn't have the stability I wanted. Here's a thought... I have to untie it to fill it before I can give it away. UGH!

Together 6 X 6 Scrapbook Page

Another project we made at my managers Stampin' Up! meeting.

Paper Pumpkin

Happy Fall!  I can't believe it's already here.  It's my favorite season, except for the fact that it's followed by winter.  I love to decorate for fall, the colors are my favorite.  There is nothing more beautiful than the mountains and the many scenic drives through them.  The fall foliage is unbelievable. I'm blessed to live near them.

Purse Class

Remember I said I wanted to do a class for this project, well... it's tonight.  I did make a few changes.  I added a wallet, changed the card to a tag card and used different patterned paper.  There are so many fun things you can make to put in this purse!  I'm excited for this class. :)

My Friend Card

I made this card last month at my Stampin' Up!, group meeting.  My manager always does a great job designing cards for us to make-n-take.

Birthday Tag Tote

This tag was made after seeing a card in Stampin' Success.  I like the way they did the layers on the cake with the colored paper.  I often forget about basic stamping techniques until I'm reminded of them and this is one of those techniques. It's simple but gives a bold look.

Yellow Purse Gift Set

This is another version of my purse.  This time I added a few accessories every girl needs for her purse. :)  I'm having lots of fun with this project.

Wicked Halloween Pouch

So, I'm sneeking in another Halloween project because I soooo enjoy making them, and it's September, one month closer. :) I realize blue isn't quite a Halloween color but that's OK, why be traditional? :)

Journey Matchbox

Here is another project we made at my stamp class last Friday.It's a great little box to hold a small collection you might have from your journeys.