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Showing posts from August, 2010

Sunflower Card

Last night I had a stamp class and this is one of the projects we made.  It reminds me of the sunflowers we are growing in our garden that I thought were weeds.  We grew sunflowers last year and this year in the same spot were, what I thought, weeds.  They were growing as fast as weeds. :)  My husband tried to tell me the seeds fell from last year and were growing sunflowers again.  I didn't believe him and kept insisting they were weeds and I wanted to pull them out.  We'll look at them now... They are sunflowers... he was right, but don't tell him I said that. :)

Blue Polka Dot Purse

I'm seeing so many types of adorable purses on websites and blogs.  So, what a great challenge... I had to try making one.  It took a lot of drawings and wasted paper but, I came up with a design I liked.  I'm still experimenting with different types of pattern paper and embellishments so I'll be posting more in days to come.  It does have a small pouch on the inside to hold three or four, 4 x 4 gift cards. I'm definitely going to have a class on how to make this purse because it's too fun and cute not to share with others. :)

Grateful Cards

Don't you love the textured embossing folders?  They add so much to any project and are easy to use.  These cards are for the ladies that placed a Stampin' Up! order with me.  I'm "grateful" for their orders and I'm sure they're "grateful" for the fun things they purchased. :)

Laugh, Post-It-Note Keyring

I wanted to create a key ring for a class I'm going to have in a couple of weeks but didn't have the size of post-it-notes I wanted to use, I only had these long thin ones.  I needed to try the keyring idea before I could offer a class so, I played around with it and this is what I came up with.  Of course, this isn't what we'll be making in the class because I now have the right size of post-it-notes.  :)

Halloween Fry Box

Halloween...I know it's only August but I love making Halloween projects. Besides,  I've seen lots of Christmas cards showing up on other blogs so I thought, hmmm... Halloween is before Christmas, it's OK.  LOL  These stamps are from the new Stampin' Up!, holiday mini catalog, which I love.  I'll try my hardest not to post other Halloween projects before October, but no promises :)

Thanks a Million Card

This is my second attempt at this card.  I wasn't quite happy with the first one.  Isn't that how it usually is?  Well maybe not usually, but often.  I don't visualize my projects before I make them I just wing it.  I pick a stamp, color, or design and go from there.  Works for me.... :)

Thanks So Much Matchbox

There are only four individually wrapped, mint lifesavers in this little box.  It didn't seem like much until I added the sweet little covers to make them more appealing.  I used two scallop circles to cover each lifesaver.  I scored and wrapped each one then put a small piece of pattern paper around the center.  The flowers were made with the boho blossoms punch and  pink corduroy buttons.They look so dang cute, I had to make sure the matchbox cover was clear so they could be seen.  This is a time consuming project for just four lifesavers but I think the end result is worth it. :)

Life Happens Card

Simple and Sweet... I have to admit, I like the way "simplicity" looks.  A little here a little there, what more could you ask for.  Sometimes a little, says it all. :)